Sunday, August 05, 2018

Santa Lucia (Milan) 08/2018

 A local resident suggested that this restaurant, near La Scala, the renowned Milan opera house and an art area had the best spaghetti vongole in Milan. Vongole are small, edible bivalve molluscs. Sounded good.
As with almost every restaurant here they offer both inside and outside dining areas
The walls of the venue are covered with photo's of people, presumably artists, who have eaten here
An aggressive salesman, posing as a waiter, tried to get us to indulge in a variety of anti pasta 

but they looked particularly unappealing.
We did have some deep fried crumbed mozzarella which was thoroughly enjoyable.

We headed straight for the spaghetti vongole for main course. 
The pasta was al dente in the Italian manner, bathed in olive oil and covered with a sprinkling of small clams, vongole, we called them limpets when we found them on the sea shore in Melbourne. Unfortunately the vongole were tasteless and did nothing for the dish. Bread was crusty, 

and plenty of it too. Our waiter tried to get us to have a chocolate cake 'Temptation' 

but we resisted in favour of an classical Italian dessert. 
Bad choice.
Score: 13.5/20

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