Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sebastian (Dubrovnik - Croatia) 08/2018

 Recommendations from local residents here are likely to be directed towards supporting their friends business. I suspect that was the case when we were directed to Sebastian. The plump proprietor stood outside hoping for business while her attractive waitress served her customers.
It's a typical Dubrovnik restaurant with inside/outside dining.  The small menu is displayed on a board outside so patrons know the dishes and prices.
We chose to sit inside 

to escape the heat.
A few paintings around the walls 

seemed incongruous to me.
We really wanted to try the fish so, after a soup

one fish,

and one vegetable,
we had our fish dish, grilled Sea Bass. It was very good as were the accompanying vegetables.
I had a steak, which was not very tender but tasted fine.
This is very like good home cooking. Now, having read some reviews, my impression is that the dish to go for is the tuna.
Score:13.5 /20

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