Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Aurora (Korčula - Croatia) 08/2018

Konoba in a Croatian restaurant name can only be used if the restaurant offers a certain amount of local dishes on it's menu. It appears frequently in all the small towns we visited. Korčula is a mini Dubrovnik. It is a walled city but the walls are low and lined with restaurants. 
A seat at the edge of the wall gives gorgeous views 
over the Adriatic sea. Other seats 
across the road offer a different view.
The restaurants also have inside dining but, unless it was raining, few would take up that option.
A miniature olive tree, about 30 cm. tall,
decorated our table. We began our meal with a tuna tatrtare

and a Dalmatian selection
made up of white anchovy, octopus, some cold cuts, tomatoes, edible succulents and flowers. Not very exciting and certainly not a dish I would order again.
Bread is offered with olive oil and sweet balsamic vinegar, but butter is available on request.
Seafood risotto
was dominated by the liberal use of saffron.
Beef cheek with foie gras was really something special.

The fresh foie gras was excellent while the tasty beef cheek had been slow cooked for hours so it was very tender and almost falling apart. It also sat on a bed of truffled mashed potato. A super dish. 
Score:14.25 /20

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