Tuesday, August 14, 2018

ZOI (Split-Croatia) 08/2017

Our local tour guide had heard good things about this restaurant and it was extremely convenient for us to go there. Their web site has been constructed by a polished wordsmith who says all the right things about the place, it's history and the food and the menu, although a little on the expensive side looked excellent.
The Michelin people have visited and said nice things about the atmosphere and the scenery with which we certainly agree,. The terrace hugs the wall of Diocletian's palace with ever changing scenes from the street and docks below.
 Service was pleasant and efficient and our comments, reported to the chef, resulted in a 10% discounted bill. All the waitstaff, dressed in black,  have a belt and bag, similar to what we see worn by carpenters.

We wanted something a bit different and settled on a crab bisque
and a marinated tongue for a start. This was quite a small bowl and the volume of soup was further reduced by the slice of bread and cheese floating in it. The bisque was made from salty chicken stock and made more salty with the caviar on top of it. The tongue appetiser was excellent.                                  
was served with a raw green olive oil and balsamic vinegar. On request grated butter, which also came with the foie gras, was supplied.
Foie gras terrine with cumquat glaze and rhabarbara, turned out to be pretty but lacking in taste of the liver. It felt and tasted like a smooth butter
 Tongue, (marinated for 30 days and cooked for 26 hours) was also a pretty presentation with beetroot and cheese stuffed dates pistachio powder, daikon and quinoa.
 Flavours were fine and they had excellently prepared the tongue.
Cutlery is an attractive  shiny gold colour.

 Sandra was right out of luck. A marine plankton seafood risotto, featuring  squid, octopus and Grana Padano shreds, was barely populated with seafood and rather salty.She was very disappointed.
My lamb chops, marinated in lavender honey and balsamic vinegar with roast peppers, lentils, chips, morel mushrooms, broad beans and roasted peppers were tender and tasted great.
They offer a extensive wine list (84 wines) with a reasonable range available by the glass. 
Comments: Michelin didn't mention the food which was patchy, occasionally lacking taste and unbalanced in regard to what was on the plate. 
The bill came to about A$170
Score:14 /20

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