Thursday, August 02, 2018

Zinc (Yehud, Israel) 07/2018

 Set in an industrial area of Yehud and rather isolated from other shops and restaurants Zinc depends on word of mouth for its continued success. It occupies a long room, 

simply outfitted with large wooden tables 
making plenty of space for their food. On entry there are very comfortable couches and arm chairs for waiting clients.

which we made good use of.
There are a few window boxes with scenes from Venice the appearance alters with changing lighting. 

No food stained menus here. We each had an IPad 

with an index and descriptions, prices and photo's of the food which could be enlarged.
We started our meal with a mushroom risotto which was excellent.

and a roast cauliflower, 
which was dry and tasteless.
Bread, as is so often the case, was moorish.
and the Israeli salad was absolutely typical of what is served at every café and restaurant in the country.
 For main courses two stood out, sea bass,

two good sized fillets, baked and served either with mashed potatoes or green beans. Cooked, as requested, as lightly as possible on the creamiest mash, they were very good. T-Bon as the menu put it,
four veal chops on a wooden platter, came with chips

They were well seasoned and super juicy. 
We drank a reserve Merlot.
A créme brulée came as a sandwich with the brulée between biscuits. Regardless of the unusual presentation it was excellent.

They must have liked us because they offered an additional dessert, their cheese cake
which was also excellent, moist and creamy in texture.It would be unusual in Australia for restaurants to happily pack up left over food for patrons to take home but in Israel it is acceptable everywhere, 
This was quite an expensive meal at about A$100 per person, and certainly on of the better meals we have eaten here. Still, at the end of the day I would much prefer a meal at Topolopompo to two meals here.
Score 14.5/20

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