Friday, August 17, 2018

Eating on the Princess Eleganza (Adriatic Sea) 08/2018

 I have been constantly surprised at the ability of the two girls who cook on this tiny Adriatic cruise ship, which has room for only 36 passengers, to turn out very good meals. There is usually a salad bar and the main choice you have is take it or leave it!
There is a different set menu every meal, except breakfast. Breakfast is a small smorgasbord of prosciutto, cold cuts, salad vegetables and fruit as well as corn flakes, muesli and yoghurt. Eggs, fried, omelette, boiled or poached with mushroom, onion, sausage or tomato are cooked to order. Croissants, or occasionally, donuts with jam or chocolate are also available.
Other meals are three courses with fish or meat alternating, usually followed by a cake. 
Dining is on the sun deck if the weather is suitable, which was almost always.
Here, for example was lunch yesterday:

Tortellini in tomato sauce.
Sea Bass fillets with sliced roast potato and zuchini.

The salad bar

 and Fruit Salad
 Here's another example

Phillip and Ivan serve soup

The salad bar
Main course
and desser
Benign, inexpensive and inoffensive wine is freely available too.

It is consistently good to very good with a few exceptions where fish, especially tuna, and other meats can be seriously over cooked.
Score:13.5 /20

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