Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rendezvous Restaurant (Mildura) 03/2017

Among the premier restaurants in Milldura Rendezvous suffered the indignity of forgetting to renew their liquor licence and then also getting fined for serving alcohol without a licence. After some delay they are hoping to get it back next week. They are able to operate as a restaurant and i was fortunate to be able to have a meal there at a function, where they served meals from their regular menu.
It's a nice venue exuding an air of quality.

We started with a Charcuterie platter with crumbed calamari and scallops, pate, prosciuto,  pesto, fetta, olives, sausage and biscuits and a dip.
It was a very nice start to a meal. Perhaps the crumbed items could have been crisper but for the rest everything was excellent.
An entree of quail was well seasoned with a slice of lemon if one wanted more of that. This was followed by a choice of rack of lamb, or stuffed chicken supreme or salmon or a vegetarian option.

I never order salmon at meetings because it is invariably over cooked, as was the case here, however I requested the lamb rack rare and they served it rare. You could say a rare pleasure!
Dessert was a selection of small tastes.
Not ideal for sharing with more than one I think they would have done better to have had a single dessert, or perhaps a choice of two.

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