Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Okami (Caulfield North) 03/2017

Okami is one of half a dozen 'all you can eat' Japanese restaurants around Melbourne. The Caulfield venue has been open for about 18 months. It is in a small shopping strip next door to Limors. Whilst Limors has survived decades their neighbours have not fared so well mostly only surviving two or three years. 
Decor is plain with a display of Japanese dolls in the entrance window.
 Table settings are basic,
 in a large room with a bar at one side.

 Although Okami believe that fresh and healthy are the keys to success in Japanese restaurants I think presentation is extremely important. In this area I think they could have done much better if they had a more attractive range of crockery, although the food on the dishes was well presented.
This is what we ate:
 Chawan Mushi
This is a savoury egg custard, served warm, it was excellent.
Seafood Tempura

The batter could have been finer.
Katsu Chicken

A nice dish.
Fried Rice
Tasty but very hard to eat from our small dishes, especially with Japanese style chopsticks. 
Chicken Karaage

Small pieces of crispy fried chicken.
Prawn Gyosa
A little doughy but still crisp, moist and tasty.
Deep Fried Calamari
As described but quite soft with no crunch at all.
Vegetable Harumaki
These prawn spring rolls could have been filled with anything, or nothing. I did enjoy the crisp batter and the touch of sweet chili sauce.
Egg Plant Salad

This half a centimetre thick slice had not much egg plant and even less salad. What there was of it was quite nice.
Sushi and Sashimi Platter
Rather ordinary. The rice was a little too sticky.
Green Tea, Sesame and Vanilla Ice Cream
Comment: This place offers very good value for good eaters at $32.8 for adults, $29.8 for seniors and $18 for kids 12 and under. They also offer BYO wine and have some beers, wines and sake at reasonable prices.
The word Okami means wolf in Japanese. Unfortunately the Japanese wolf became extinct in 1905. We hope this modern incarnation does not follow in their footsteps.
Score:13.5 /20

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