Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Indian Corner on Wilson (Burnie - NW Tasmania) 11/2017

Eating alone at restaurants has some advantages. You don't have to cook and do the dishes and it makes for efficiency but on the downside there's nothing to share, no one with whom to enjoy conversation and, except for degustation menus, a greatly reduced variety of food to taste.
Anyway I felt like a change, an Indian meal.
The name says a bit of it - It's on the corner of Wiilson St and it's Indian. There's a lot more to it than that.
The restaurant is in a large well lit simply decorated room with a very clean appearance. Good sized tables have table cloths covered by paper 

are set with  neat folded paper serviettes, 

wine glasses and reasonable cutlery. Padded seats on wood chairs are quite comfortable.
I opted for a simple meal. 
Before I ordered a couple of papadams, made from lentils were presented.
I decided on garlic Naan, 

which was very good
and  Lamb Korma 
 which was excellent. It came with a well prepared plate of rice, every long grain distinct and separate.
They have a small inexpensive wine list with a tiny $2.50 corkage for BYO. 
Whilst it is possible to quickly establish how bad a restaurant is one cannot, on the basis of a single small meal, determine how good a restaurant is. So I don't know just yet how good Indian Corner is, but I loved the meal.
In a simple way it ticked all the boxes. Clean, comfortable, friendly service, keen to please but not obtrusive, reasonable sized serves of very good food. What more can you want from a small town Indian Restaurant.
If I can I'll be back to try some more of their dishes.
Score 14.25/20

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