Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Afghan Bakery and Take Away

Introduction: This single room Halal restaurant in Thomas St Dandenong ( about 250) has half a dozen tables and 6 items on the menu of which the last is Bread They had run out of bread and rice but got supplies from next door (Afghan Sahar Takeaway)
Ambience: It looks like a barely furnished dump

Service: The "chef" put the food on the table with the help of his mate who happily picked up the bread and moved it in his , we hope but doubt, reasonably clean hands

Food: The lamb kebab served with a a mild curry sauce and a great slab of warm flat Afghani bread plus an ungarnished garden salad was de-licious. there was also the posibility of Chicken kebab or a minced lamb shish kebab but we ordered the Pilau a special long grain Basmati rice with raisins some shaved nuts and fine strips of carrot served with meatballs. This required our chef to run in to the retaurant next door from which he returned with the rice dish and a light lamb curry with lentils. Another excellent dish.

No desserts. No tea or coffee. Soft drinks in the frig.
Wine: Not available

Price Mains $6 to $10 Bread $1 and that's all there is

Comments: This place has two things going for it. It's very tasty and it's very cheap
As seems to be becoming customary in some of these places rather than serviettes they have a box of tissues on each table!
Score: 12/20

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