Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Introduction: A fish and shellfish specialist restaurant at 213 Barkly St, St.Kilda
Ambience: I am unsure what they are trying to achieve with their grotty bare 5 ply tables and chairs to match except for half a dozen old railway carriage seats on a bare concrete floor. The decor is bare with a huge metal octopus hanging from the ceiling of the main room It's no frills. BASIC. Water is offered in old bottles and the glasses are about as ugly as you can get.

Service: Unhurried, There is a menu on a blackboard and almost no flexibility so the waitress can only tell you a little about the spices

Food: On arrival we were offered a small slice of focaccio with a light, creamy tzadiki. Many of the main courses, but not all, are for two, or more, with prices from $20 for a small crispy skin John Dory with baked potato and Bok Choy to $80 for wild barramundi. A small flounder poached in mirin $25 is about half the size of what you would get at Topogigio There is no doubt about the freshness of the seafood which is offered with a variety of middle eastern spices. None the less, at the end of the day, the cooking is also very basic. There are no sauces available not even tartare.

There are no desserts and I didn't ask about tea or coffee. Frankly I couldn't wait to leave
Wine: BYO Bring your own glass too if you want something pleasant from which to drink

Price: This is not a cheap restaurant. At the extreme 6 oysters for $30 and they're nothing special. They take cash only

Comments: This is something of a cult restaurant that I have been keen to visit for sometime. Unfortunately I found it profoundly disappointing That the food is good could not make up for the other deficiencies

Score: 11/20


Anonymous said...

Sad what age does to ones senses!...Hi Uncle El, its your nephew here...I had a very different experience at claypots, i really enjoyed the casual style, the relaxed nature about an extremely busy and vibrant room, where good converstaion, laughter, and an odd glass of wine made for a sumptuous meal. I ate the Stingray hotpot along with a leather jacket for two, and it was a very cheap date! No names mentioned!

Anonymous said...

It seems rather obvious, monsieur, that you are a very difficult customer to please!Do you really enjoy going out to dine and looking at everything with the most critical eye possible? Alas, what a shame for you that with your judgement glasses on, you miss so much charm and spontaneous adventures in your culinary travels.
For we do attract that which we put out, and, by the sound of your reviews, staff would quite possibly feel uncomfortable serving your stern, critical self. I write this as several of the restaurants that I have been to and have been highly impressed by, you have picked to pieces like a miserly fun-hater!
I was enchanted by Claypot's interior and felt transported somewhere magical. I loved the food and that it was a real adventure.
Anyway-glad to see that you have written unsavoury things about several great restaurants so it all seems like a joke!
ha ha! Cheers Grandpa El!