Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Flower Drum

Not often you get an opportunity to eat at the flower drum where you are happy to pick up the Tab. As part of the International food and wine festival they put on a $49.50 lunch with 3 courses and a fruit platter plus t&c. We started with the Quail san choi bow which had a delicate yet rich flavour unusual for quail and quite delicious. Next came the famous peking duck, with 2 or 3 succulent portions which “melted in your mouth” Then the eye fillet neatly cut into 4 strips of 2cm width. Once again the taste and tenderness of the meat was almost orgasmic! The fruit platter contained many rare and unusual fruits, unfortunately there was not one of each to go round!
Lunch with mates at the flower drum on a postman’s salary…What more could you ask for!

Contributed by PR


Elliot and Sandra said...

This reviewer didn't give The Flower Drum a mark tho' obviously impreesed.
I am constantly surprised at the ratings given this restaurant. I feel they serve excellent Cantonese style food but not good enough to put it in the top 50 restaurants in the world It fails to excite despite the frshness and quality of the ingredients and the attentive waiters!lenskrb

Anonymous said...

i will put a rating up next time uncle El ;)

Have you tried the steak sandwich at ciccolina's on Ackland st...for $12 to die for!