Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tandoori Times

Introduction: An adventure in Indian food mostly North Indian but with wide variety including many vegetarian meals at 194 Barkly St, St.Kilda.
Ambience: Pleasantly rowdy with a Bollywood DVD (with subtitles) playing on the large overhead TV screen

Service: The owner manager made a point of seeing that our needs were catered for in terms of appropriate dishes for some delicate palates. He was extremely amiable and determined to please

Food: We had the $27 Banquet which was plenty to eat including excellent Roti, Tandoori chicken, of course, Saag - tasty lamb in a pureed spinach, a lamb grilled chop and a Biryani follwed by icecream made Indian style from boiled down milk, Mango or Vanilla flavour. Excellent flavour but suffering from a little ice formation, perhaps too long in the freezer. Herb spiced Indian tea, or ordinary tea or coffee if you wish. This was all classical Indian cooking with fine flavours not destroyed by excessive chilli

Wine: I advise you to bring your own tho' they do have a good range of beers, specially Indian.

Price: Entrees $6 - 9 Mains $10 - 17

Comments: A pleasing addition to the St. Kilda eating scene

Score: 14/20

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Anonymous said...

They have just opened in Yarraville also.

It was chaotic yet polite and attentive service.

The food was delicious!