Saturday, December 28, 2013

Etzel Haturki Restaurant (Or Yehuda) 12/2013

What's changed here in two years? Absolutely nothing as far as we could see.
The same 15 or so salads arrived without an order before we chose our main courses.
We did  eat through almost the whole menu last time, see and took lots of pic's.
There were two things on the menu that you will not see almost anywhere else apart from the middle east. The first a sashlik stick of foie gras, six good size pieces of mouth watering cholesterol and calorie packed goose liver either to die for or from! That for a mere $17. The second a shashlik stick of beautifully prepared sweetbread, about double or more, the amount you might normally get in Australia, and that for $12.
At the same time, like a busy McDonalds, a crowd of hungry patrons wait for takeaway. the food is tasty, copious, cheap and the place looks clean - the elements of a successful restaurant.
Score:13.5 /20

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