Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bamboo House

Introduction: An old favourite at the top end of Little Bourke St.
Ambience: Unchanged for decades

Service: Efficient and friendly under the watchful eye of Alex and Robert who, I think have been there for over 25 years

Food: Uniformly high standard. We started with several entrees the best of which was a crumbed quail with spiced crispy skin I'd recommend it as an excellent start This was followed by deep fried whitebait which is an undistinguished dish but a pleasure to eatand a crab omellete which is superb, presented like sushi rolls. The succulent crab meat was a joy to my palateDumplings had fine pastry and were well filled with prawn and scallop but not special
For mains the Tea smoked duck was outstanding, It's always on the menu and high on my list of excellent dishes Two more dishes

and a toffee banana with icecream completed a very good mealComments: B.H. continues its long tradition of serving very high quality cuisine in a somewhat tired environment
Price: This excellent meal came to $60/person + wine
Score: 15.75/20


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Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Famous,
Great to have your support.