Monday, September 28, 2009

Le Petit Bourgoise (East Malvern) 09

Three years ago we wrote this: A small surprisingly good suburban French restaurant at 330 Waverley Rd, East Malvern
Ambience: Pleasantly decorated, well spaced tables, gave me the feeling that this was a nice place to be. A homely atmosphere

Service: We were well looked after by the wife of the chef

Food: Classical French style. The menu is not large with interesting meat and fish dishes. For entrees ($15) the Scallops in a rich cream sauce were excellent but surpassed by the crab presented 3 ways

Mains ($26) the Kangaroo was outstanding the lamb excellent and the confit of duck about average.

Desserts ($11) also very good both the souffle and the Il flottante worth having for the sweet toothed
Wine: BYO corkage $3/person They have a small list at reasonable prices

Price: 3 courses are about $60/head

Comments: Well worth a second visit. I really liked it

Score: 15/20

There’s been little change. The menu is still much the same, hand written menu, the tables with double white napery and the forgettable décor in a pleasant room. Prices have risen Entrees are now $18, Mains $30 and desserts $15. The character of the food has not changed although the there are different things available. Perhaps a little staid it is nicely prepared and presented with very good quality produce. We started with a Chef’s selection entrée which included an oyster, olives, a duck rilette, an excellent cellariac salad in acram sauce and a stack of green beans, some beetroot and a couple of cubes of a soft yellow tofu. ($28 for two) This was a nice tasting dish with good variety. I would have preferred two oysters though because you can’t easily divide an oyster! We followed this with a very tender serve of lamb straps with potato Dauphine and some greenery. We followed this up with an excellent pair of soufflés one mango and one Grand Marnier, very sweet and flavoursome. Definitely worth a third visit and soon too.

Score: 15/20.

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