Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quaff (Toorak) 09/2013

Quaff: to drink copiously and with hearty enjoyment.   (The FreeDictionary)

It is strange how words, having more or less the same literal meaning, have such different effects. Quaff, a bistro style cafe/ bar/restaurant, at 436 Toorak Rd could have been called Scoll and that would be OK but try Slurp or Belt Down and it drops a level or two.
 I had a brief experience of their food yesterday.
It's a pleasant place with pleasant staff. Tables are double linen clothed and comfortable size.

Walls are decorated with plaques
 and there is a well stocked bar.

I had only two courses. A serve of smoked salmon with rocket on a bed of polenta which was good although rather pedestrian and hardly demonstrated any serious cooking skills.

For mains I had crispy skin barramundi on mashed potato. I requested that the fish be 'seriously' undercooked which I was promised would be achievable - it wasn't! For most people this was a very nicely, not overcooked filet, quite moist and flavoursome but it was not what I asked for. The crispy skin was perfect.

Twice cooked chicken was also on the menu . Again this was a good but rather ordinary dish.

In all a decent suburban eatery, average prices, pleasant in every way but without distinction.

 Score:13.25 /20

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