Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A new restaurant serving the most unbelievable food ptrsented by a superb team at very teasonable prices. No such luck.
This is a place where you, and I, can make comments or talk about anything to do with food or wine, reviews or restaurants. Recommendations or gongs criticisms or accolades or whatever.

Heres an inexpensive gourmet pizza joint highly recommended by my friends.
Lucky Coq
179 Chapel St
Anyone been there?


jetman said...

Lucky Coq is more or less my "local" and i can say i have tasted every pizza on the menu and have settled on a few favorites. For simplicity and heat you cant go past Calabrese, lovely Calabrese Salami sitting on a wonderful crusty pizza dough.
The pizza doughs are by far the best part of the Lucky Coq experience, i have found quality has dwindled over the past 12 months when it comes to toppings, unsure of whether this was due to the chain of ownership (9 months ago??) or spiralling food costs, but i would suggest the cheese is not as melting and tender as it used to be, and certain "fancier" items like the Calamari are close to insipid. So in summary a good place for a cheap pizza but perhaps stick with the safer options rather than being disappointed by the "gourmet" fare.

Elliot said...

Hi jetman,
I did see a couple of reviews on the net suggesting, as you do, that L.C. has lost its edge of excellence that it had 6 or 12 months ago. Nevertheless I'd like to try it

Niels said...

Yeah give it a go Elliot - but go in with no expectation and consider value for money.

Lucky Coq is from the same mob that converted the Punters (R.I.P) in Brunswick Street to Bimbo Deluxe - the $4 mid-week pizza's made the joint, and really for what they cost it's a great offering. Dessert pizza is always an interesting novelty so long as its shared.

It's no Pizza Meine Libre though.

Elliot said...

Hi Niels
Interesting that the Age Cheap Eats rates Bimbo Deluxe and LC as ** but BD is twice the price! Are the Brunswick St. "alternate" crowd happy to pay double the Chapel St. "arty" lot?