Sunday, August 31, 2008


While wandering around the net for other purposes, which may or may not be revealed at a later date, I came across The Gillies Club - Australia which was formed in NSW in 1977. I was impressed with the 'Rules" for the club as follows:
1. The name of the club shall be The Gillies Club - Australia (not The Gillies Club of Australia, as this might restrict future activities)
2. The Gillies Club - Australia shall have but one rule, and that should be "There are no rules".
3. Members of The Gillies Club - Australia are gentlemen (as distinct from "men", as there are no rules, and, therefore, ladies may become members.)
4. Meetings will be held every so often.
5. There shall be one accepted law (as distinct from "rule"), and that shall be "No member may drive a motor vehicle away from a Gillies Club meeting".

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