Friday, February 17, 2006


Introduction: A design of intertwining flowers, leaves and vines common on persian rug
Ambience: Simple decor, bare tables, cloth serviettes, carpet does not diminish the noisy vitality of the place. A few tables outside are beaut on the right night
Service: The boss (Jeff Malouf, brother of Greg) and two waiters share the work.

Food: Down to earth good quality Middle Eastern cuisine with distinct well balanced flavours. For starters the eggplant with tomato salad and tahini youghurt dressing was as good as it gets because the eggplant was perfectly cooked. The filo pastry stuffed with lamb and pine nuts was a little dry with a delicate flavoured entree however the pomegranite essence dribbled on it was rather overpowering. The traditional cabbage rolls with spicy lamb and rice with a tomato salsa was also extremely tasty.

For mains the BBQ lamb kebabs served with tomato were cooked as requested and tender and tasty as were the lamb cutlets served with stuffed vine leaves and a yoghurt sauce. The best dish of the lot however was the whole baby barramundi beautifully baked to retain its flavour served with roast potato and a tahini sauce
For dessert there were 3 choices The pistachio and halva icecream which is very rich, a rose water flavoured soft custard topped with spun sugar and pistachio and Turkish delight and baclava excuse the spelling please. These were enhanced when accompanied by Cardamon flavoured Turkish coffee (without sugar) served in a small finjan or Syrian flower tea
Wine: BYO $6/ bottle Modest list around $30/bottle

Price: Around $55 gets you a very good dinner

Comments: The entrees are large and all the dishes are good or better than good without being too fancy.

A good Middle eastern eating experience
Score: 14/20

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