Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lesedi (Near Johannesburg) 12/2011

A short distance from Johannesburg there is a recreation of several different African tribal villages, Basuto, Xhosa Zulu for example. After a brief video presentation outlining some history of black Africa we were taken on a tour where we were told of village activities, as well as the routines the structures of life in each village, invariably including the bride price in cows, anything from 11 upwards. The tour concluded with a African buffet dinner utilizing old enameled tin plates, in a huge, happily decorated, room, after which there was an opportunity to buy hand beaded artifacts, statues, tie dye materials and other souvenirs. There was a variety of unusual, for us, foods including several variations of maize, some dry and fluffy like powdered white rice, others off the cob. Several salads and a house made corn bread was also available. Crocodile in a sweetish sauce, several varieties of lamb, ox tail, fresh tropical fruit, and a range of cakes. Half the things mentioned on their big boards such as emu, ostrich and African fowl were not available. This was a meal for all comers. There was no limit to anything except for ones appetite. All the main courses would have done well at most restaurants and, being a buffet one can only criticize one’s self for the presentation on the plate. It was regrettable that so many traditional dishes were not available. The evening concluded with music and dancing in an adjacent theatre.
This is another meal which can not be rated compared to restaurant experiences. There were few unusual dishes but what there was was interesting and enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your trip from my armchair, the SA food looks interesting! Would love to be on safari with you,

Elliot and Sandra said...

We'll have to go on safari to some local restaurants!