Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hafinjan (Jerusalem) 11/2011

New to me but probably very typical of many small North African restaurants they are particularly noted for their bone marrow soup which sells out every night so to be sure it is essential to pre order it. It is a small shopfront with a tiny kitchen just inside the door. Our meal began with the traditional collection of salads, pickles, and dips. There were at least six more of these!Next came the soup. Full of large marrow filled bones it had been cooked for hours but remained a rather watery lightly spiced conglomeration of chick peas and some vegetables in the broth. The marrow was characterized by that melting texture which people either love or detest. We loved it.There followed a large plate of cous cous and vegetables and beef and another of stewed chicken and with potato and vegetables. There was also a plate of very over cooked vine wrapped minced lamb and some sort of crumbed rice balls with herbs Which were inoffensive. There was also a plate of what I was assured were very hot greens, which I did not try and, to be sure we tried everything possible, a filet of over cooked fish in a capsicum sauce. The peppers were rather good. This, my friend told me, is “real food”. Of course it is real, it’s filling and sustaining. Beyond that it’s probably a very good representation of Moroccan home cooking. For all that we did not really like it. It was like a series of stews. Every thing had been cooked forever, presentation was solely a matter of getting everything on the plate and tastes were very plain.We drank an Israeli red wine and Arak. The meal finished with a finjan of Turkish coffee and a plate of baclava.

It was remarkably inexpensive, the whole lot coming to about A$200 for six people.



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Elliot and Sandra said...

These are not the sort of flavours that I grew up with and they do not appeal to me. Incidentally they are also very kosher

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Elliot and Sandra said...

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