Monday, May 11, 2015

Dish (Toorak) 05/2015

Dish has been on my wish list for quite a long time. At last we ate there last week. In the  boutique Royce Hotel. It's a very pleasant space, simply furnished with bare tables, a wall,of mirrors covered by decorative plates face each other across the room.

The open kitchen is screened from the street. It is quite noisy, no doubt a variable situation.
We tried quite a lot of dishes, the bill being reduced by the Entertainment Book. 
Mushroom risotto was well prepared but over spiced

reducing the contribution of the Porchini, a particularly delicate flavour, to undetectable.
Deep fried calamari rings were reasonable but unexciting,
as was a smoked trout seafood salad.
Pasta with tiger prawns, crab and garlic was OK. We requested no chili
The promise of a 300gm pasture fed O'Connor sirloin grilled steak cooked blue was irresistible. 

Served with cipolini onions and triple cooked Russet potatoesthe side stuff was beaut but I should have looked for something else. It looked great but was medium to medium rare - not what the DR. ordered.
A snapper fillet was an honest dish.
Their gnocchi, served with lamb, could have been lighter and fluffier but were reasonable.
Asked for a suggestion for a light un acidic red our waiter said he'd have to think about that and never returned. A second waiter brought a Malbec that was very rough and awful to my taste. They changed it for a much superior wine without extra charge. 
Prices here are above average but, for us, the cooking and service were not. 
Score 13.5/20

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