Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Ah Yat Harbour View Restaurant (Hong Kong) 12/2012

Recently elevated with a second star by Michelin Ha Yat, on the 29th floor of the I Square building is dsitinguished by outstanding views  over Hong Kong, especially attractive at night, at present, with colourful advertising, and X'mas decorations. The restaurant has large well spaced tables with double sets of chop sticks at each setting to assist in sharing food more hygienically. They cook classical Cantonese style dishes and have a good variety of vegetarian dishes. We selected the Ah Yat abalone set menu which we modified slightly to avoid shark fin soup. First course was a boiled sliced black skinned pork accompanied with red jelly fish. This was a fine combination of flavours which combined well with the varied textures 
of the dish. (7/10)

                                                                  Ah Yat Abalone with sea cucumber, with goose web and black mushrooms was mind blowing. I cannot remember tasting anything like it before. The abalone were a good size, slightly chewy but quite tender while the sea cucumber had a great capacity to meld with the gentle abalone flavoured sauce which bathed the whole dish. (10/10)

                                                           Braised fresh lobster with chicken broth was another exceptionally successful combination.      

                                                       followed by a superb birds nest soup.                                                                  As this meal was three weeks ago I will just post some pic's and say that it  was the finest Cantonese cuisine served in a excellent venue by attentive and helpful staff. Special fried rice.                                                                   Boiled fish maw and Chinese greens in chicken broth.                  

                                     Steamed garlic prawns.                                                              Fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf.

                                                          Double boiled birds nest with almond cream and egg white, no photo sorry to say.
Tofu and greens, a vegetarian dish.

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