Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Archies on the Creek

Kilcunda, on Bass Strait, close to Phillip Island is a little town that most people would drive through before they noticed it was there.They'd miss some fabulous views.
Not far from inland, at Archies Creek, is what would have to be Gippsland's finest reception centre. They have the centre as a regular restaurant when not booked for receptions.
Archies on the Creek is
a striking venue which struck me as out of place as Persian rug in a farm yard.
The place is gorgeous with a beautiful garden and fountains, visible from the restaurant, playing in the adjacent lake. It's furnished with reproduction antique furniture. A massive chandelier hangs over the broad entrance hall
and a wall of wine faces the restaurant which is very spacious. There is a beautifully made, ingenious, syphon filter coffee making device in the hall.
They promote themselves as a steak house but offer a full menu with plenty of variety. I rejected the goat cheese stuffed Zucchini flower, only one, because I thought it too meager a dish and opted for a duck liver patee which came with a wedge of fig, a couple of strips of crisp bacon and a couple of tiny fingers of toast, on a smear of pumpkin puree.
an odd combination, nice enough, but this also turned out to be quite a tiny entree for $20. It was quite good but unsatisfying because it such a small serve. Sandra's Sydney rock oysters Kilpatrick ($37.5) were overwhelmed by the strength of the sauce bathing them.
For mains I had the 650 gm rib eye $65.
At 10 cents a gram or any other way you care to look at it this is a red hot price. For this though it was beautifully cooked, as requested. Sandra's cannelloni with ricotta and ratatouille was an adequate dish but again easily 20% above Melbourne city restaurant prices. Desserts were excellent but at $18 definitely on the expensive side. My chocolate fondant with a scoop of ice cream was very good, Sandra's panacotta with scorched fruit had excellent taste and fine texture which is very difficult to achieve.
They have an extensive wine list, concentrating on Australian wines, with nothing under $40. Mark ups of 150% and more make the cheaper wines expensive while there are some bargains in the expensive range as long as you are willing to pay $600 plus.
Service was pleasant.
Quite a good meal, although patchy, with some excellent elements but far more expensive than I find acceptable.
Score: 13.75/20


sibbers said...

The wagu beef with the roasted garlic is a particular favourite of mine. Keep up the good work Archies on the Creek.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi sibbers,
We'll have to have our Wagu somewhere else as Archies has a very low returnability factor for us.

simply canvas art said...

$60 for a rib-eye??

That's too rich for my taste.

Elliot and Sandra said...

We visited The Point at Albert Park recently where we had the most excellent steaks you could ever wish for. I think Savor rated them the best steak house in Australia last year and they are not worse, in that regard,since Scott Pickett left.
Rib eye there is less than $60 but not much less.