Monday, July 25, 2011

PM 24 (Melbourne)

There is an old advertisement that has the tag "When your on a good thing stick to it." We enjoyed PM 24 so much a couple of weeks ago that we came back to try some other dishes and we were not disappointed.This time we tried French onion soup, a very filling, winters dish with plenty of taste.
The caramelized onion and cheese on a bread base were as good as it gets.
The degustation charcuterie ($25) was first class, absolutely the best,

with superb chicken liver pate surrounded by a few slices of spicy sausage, jambon, some duck breast, a pork rillette and outstanding foie gras and pork terrine served with toasted brioche. Tiny pickled gherkins, or cornichons, were served in a separate container so one could have as many as one wished.
We could watch the rotisserie from where we sat and wondered if we should choose the one and a half kilo line caught Snapper, for two,

but settled for two pork dishes.
A pork duo was yet another excellent choice. ($36)
Braised trotter and pork belly with a lentils ragout in natural jus was matchless.
There is a magnificent double rotisserie which stands out as a feature in the kitchen. The rotisseried pork loin ($37.5)

was accompanied by a superb braised red cabbage, which is hidden by the meat here, and sage jus.
Very large serves and very filling we could not manage a dessert!
After Louis Roderer to start ($24/glass) we drank a very pleasant Gamay, Beaujolais, ($42 the half bottle served in a carafe).
Yet another triumph for Phillipe Mouchel who supervised every dish before it was served to a customer.
Returnabilty factor 10/10


Vee said...

The Brasserie was my restaurant of choice when bringing people to Crown and wanting to eschew the more celebrity-esque offerings. Phillipe Mouchel is nothing if not consistent at a thoroughly excellent level! The only thing that's prevented me from visiting PM24 so far is the sheer glut of other French restaurants in the city that I'm more familiar with!

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Munchkin,
We particularly enjoy French cuisine, and cook a lot of it at home. Mouchel has published a book worth looking at, not too difficult recipes that work, called "More than French".
Where might you recommend we go for French style food?

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Elliot and Sandra said...

Great to have your support!

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