Sunday, December 22, 2013

Soza (Armadale) 12/2013

Patrons return to restaurants for a myriad of reasons. The quality of the food is crucial, of course the price counts too. Beyond that ambiance, the buzz, convenience and other considerations come into play. Whatever the reason Soja was fairly full last week and we had to eat upstairs, which suited us well as it was quieter there. The room was just bare floors, tables and chairs, almost no decoration. This is the servery.

Table settings are simple.

We started with a few small dishes.
Gyoza were unusual, almost square, they were pan fried but had no crispness and no character. They were just a bit dull.
Tofu was much better

 and miso soup fairly standard.

 A stuffed egg plant was dominated by sweetness to the extent that it was almost cloying and not enjoyable.
Smoked eel is one of my favourite dishes and the eel here was excellent however the rest of the dish again had no character.
 Sukiyaki beef in another over sweet sauce might suit some people but it was too sweet for us. The tofu was the best of it.

They do have a range of sushi, sashimi and tempura dishes so there is plenty to choose from.

They have a small, moderately priced, wine list and do not permit BYO. 
Service was pleasant and unexceptional.
Here's a bit of trivia. I'm told Soza means fish in Japanese!
Score:13 /20

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