Friday, December 27, 2013

Shesh Besh (South Caulfield) 12/2013

The catering place is next door!
Tables are set simply,
and decor is minimal.

There are now quite a few unusual ethnic restaurants scattered around Melbourne. Central Asian food is well represented by this fairly new restaurant. Two years ago we ate Uzbekistani food in Israel at Samarkand
 Shesh Besh is like its twin. The decor quieter, the atmosphere is a little sterile but the food could have come from the same kitchen,
Salads came before the main courses.
Salad tri colouri

Smoked salmon with tomato and anchovy


Pickled vegetables

A tuna salad, an egg salad, a spicy carrot salad and a chicken salad among others were all pleasant enough but none were especially memorable.
The first outstanding dish, a variation on a calzone was a sort of cheese sandwich called hachapuri. The bread was crisp and the cheese delicious.

There were also two excellent main courses. Ciborecki were well filled with tasty mince meat.
and Manti, a variation on a Shanghai dumpling, served with Greek style yoghurt.

There were chicken and beef shashlik sticks and a platter of mixed meats including sweet marinated ribs, was passable but a rather crude dish.
 A belly dancer worked hard but did not arose the audience sufficiently to ply her with money.

Worth a try if you want to experience something different, they also have a regular menu and a take away menu.
Prices are very reasonable and BYO is popular.
Score:13.25 /20

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