Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ocha ( Hawthorn) 03/2012

Ocha ranks with us as not only the most interesting but also the best Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. The food is delicate, beautifully presented, and satisfying. It is distinctly Japanese but has incorporated other culinary elements. Patrons may order from the menu or ask the chef to design a meal, taking account of any special food requirements, which is what we did.
The first thing to appear at the table was endamame, immature soya beans cooked in their pods.
Something to occupy one for a moment or two while settling down.
This was followed by a smoked salmon and eggplant mixture with a little wasabi on a small flat bread.
Very tasty, followed by unusual crab and fish balls coated with crisp ?almond flakes. Crumbed scallops baked on the shell were a little over cooked and dry but still quite pleasant. Pan fried calamari salad was tender but a little bland but the tempura sea food was near perfect. A plate of sashimi was also faultless. The two fabulous main courses followed. A serve of cod fish was to die for. Perfection on a plate. We have never had better. The duck breast that came next was exquisite, remarkable for it's tenderness and taste.Finally something sweet a crepe filled with bean paste and a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. The decor is simple but the food is simply delightful.
They offer a reasonable wine list, very fairly priced and several Sake as wellmas Japanese beer.
Score: 17/20

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