Saturday, April 05, 2014

Borsari Restorante (Carlton) 03/2014 03/2014

Nino Borsari was a legend in the Melbourne Italian community having won a gold medal at the 1932 Olympic games as a pursuit cyclist he settled here and became a huge supporter of the Italian community. He opened a bike shop at what came to be known as Borsari Corner which later became a restaurant which has served authentic Italian cuisine for over 40 years.
Nino may be gone but memories of him and his activities line the walls of the restaurant and it is well worth taking a few minutes to look at some of the highlights of his life.

The restaurant now has an enclosed street side eating area as well as a white clothed, slightly more formal dining area.

The menu is very Italian. Pasta and veal dominate although there are plenty of other options. An attractive option is a three course menu for $52 which effectively offers choices off the a la carte menu.
We tried the antipasti vari. I expected a variety of meats but only one, though plenty of it, a very good ham accompanied by some peppers, rocket, a hard boiled egg and some pickled cucumber. Totally unexpected but a very decent  serve of good food.

A scampi avocado salad was reminiscent of a prawn cocktail, so popular years ago. This would not have added to their reputation.

Fetuccini primavera with Milawa cheese, tomato and parmigano, as an entree was classical Italian.
   Our mains were varieties of veal. Each presented on a mashed potato base and a small amount of seasonal vegetables looked extremely similar to each other and, in fact, despite the different ingredients, did not taste all that dis similar either!
Scallopine Milanese
Milk-fed veal pan-fried with basil, tomato, marsanne wine & gratinated with ham & bocconcini cheese,
 Scallopine alla Genovese
Tender baby veal panfried with basil sauce white wine cream and pine nuts,
Scallopine al Vino Secco
Milk-fed veal pan-fried to perfection with prawns in a dry wine & fresh butter sauce.
Desserts were distinguished by their size!
Tiramisu was too much even for two.
Gelato Misto
assortment of gelati held no surprises.
Cheese cake was served with a pistachio ice cream - I'd try the strudel next time.
 In summary solid domestic style typical Italian food. Plenty to eat efficiently served in comfortable surroundings by knowledgeable waiters.

Score:13.5 /20


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