Thursday, January 23, 2014

Carr's Restaurant (Lancaster Philadelphia) 01/2014

One goes down a narrow staircase to enter this subterranean restaurant housed in a couple of rooms. It has a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
 Large white clothed tables

 are well spaced.  Seating is especially comfortable.
On one wal there are two cabinets displaying an interesting collection of antique cork removers and  taste de vin'.


They have a reduced but very adequate menu on Sundays.  It is divided into 'starters', 'entrees' which are main courses, 'a taste of lancaster county', which are less expensive main courses such as grilled meatloaf ($14) or pork and sauerkraut ($16) and 'salads'. During the week they have a more extensive entree menu which is concentrated on meat of various sorts.
Despite that emphasis we chose a crab, artichoke and spinach dip ($12) as our first starter. It was a very rich and cheesy with a good flavour of crab. A very satisfying start.
Pei Mussels ($11) are a small tasty variety which were offered in a white sauce or in a spicy tomato based suace. We both enjoyed this although I prefer the plump variety we get in Australia.
Grilled veal tenderloin, lobster americaine sauce, asparagus, butter crushed potatoes, roasted onions ($28) was, in the American tradition, a decent size meal. The meat could have been a lot less tough but it, and the whole dish was well matched for taste.
Rib cap of beef, bone marrow butter, gnocchi with asparagus, and roasted onions, marrow enriched red wine jus ($28) was very good too. the jus, which I asked for separately, was not over reduced, the gnocchi excellent, the meat tender and tasty and not overcooked. 
They have a reasonable wine list with a fair selection by the glass.
They include a note that they will cook food as you wish but undercooked food may be a health risk and they take no responsibilityfor it.
Only two courses but after this we were thoroughly satisfied. For a good meal in pleasant warm and comfortable surroundings this was as good as we have ever had in Lancaster'
 Score 14/20

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