Sunday, February 06, 2011

Juniors (Broadway) 02/2011

In the heart of the New York theatre area and only inches from Times Square, Juniors is well placed for a substantial passing trade. From 4.00 pm on Saturday, when we visited, the place filled quickly until, an hour later, there was a queue waiting to be seated. It's a big open place with cubicle, open
and bar seating.
It's not all position though. For a cafe/restaurant the food is more than satisfactory. Soups ($6 or $7 for bowls) are big and tasty, salads are substantial
and nicely presented and very tasty, including a plate of picklesand a very large hamburger was cooked exactly as requested.
They could be, but are not particularly noted for any of that though, but, as we later discovered it's their Cheese cake and desserts that get the most notice.
We tried a few dishes. Split pea soup was served with croutons in a very large bowl was thick and sustaining. Main dishes are inexpensive. Their famous cheese cake was very smooth, moist and very sweet. There is an even quality throughout their dishes. Unpretentious, tasty, sustaining and nicely presented by helpful servers. Bottomless coffee,
which is very mild and quite benign, is served in king size cups and servers pass by frequently to fill emptying cups.
Score: 13.75/20
Without deciding the relative importance of these things we might score Ambiance 6, Service 7,Noise 6 , Food 7, Presentation 6, Returnability 7, Value 8 all out of 10


Aer Conditionat said...

These dishes look great. Soups are quite cheap and I’m sure they’re pretty tasty, too. I also like they way that the hamburger looks like. I love the way you described their cheesecake which is something I could eat any time. This looks like a really nice eating place. Thanks for the review.

Elliot and Sandra said...

We've eaten a lot of New York cheese cake and rate this one highly