Sunday, January 16, 2011

Le Pain Beni (Quebec City) 01/2011

Quebec City is very hilly and has an upper and lower town. Both are packed with small shops, and not so small shops, selling stuff for tourists. There are an unusually large number of art galleries as well as restaurants Le Pain Beni is a busy small, comfortably furnished bistro
barely 150 meters from Le Frontenac in Upper Town It offers an inexpensive three course lunch as well as an a la carte menu. They say of themselves
Positioned on the old paving stones of a bustling street, the Pain Béni restaurant is without doubt the new place to discover in old Quebec. Brick walls, urban style music and the décor of a "relaxation bar" serve as the setting for a cuisine full of flavor and taste. The menu: a refined cuisine combining local market products with a traditional yet contemporary style.
Your palate with be seduced by the delights of our chef, Simon Côté-Tremblay and his sous-chef Etienne Demers who cook their dishes passionately from local products.
The Pain Béni team invites you to share in these renewed flavors with friends, colleagues or simply, in love.
Pain Béni: a blend of the contemporary and the traditional which will make your evening an assured enchantment.."
We enjoyed a very ordinary very pleasant meal that included an onion soup with a distinct taste of beer, an over salted mushroom omelet
with lots of chanterelles and a couple of dishes so unexceptional that, I no longer recall anything distinctive about them,
The desserts were very pleasant.
I find their over the top vision of their restaurant off putting.
Score 13.25/20


Kent Smith, NYC said...

I go 3 times a year to Quebec, Pain Beni is one of my favorite... don't think your critic is realistic.

Elliot and Sandra said...

You may be right. We only went once. Perhaps you wpould like to offer a review.
We're happy to publish it, with or without accrediation for the writer.