Sunday, January 29, 2006

Madam Butterfly - Singapore

Introduction: We were looking for something a bit different and found it here on Clarke's Quay Entry between a row of 12 foot tall warrior statues we ate upstairs in a very dark and quiet area barely illuminated by ornate chandeliers.
Ambience: "I love a dark mysterious place. A place where no one knows your face"
Service: Helpful, efficient without being hurried or in your face.
Food: Unfortunately my notes about this restaurant have gone astray but it is too interesting not to get a mention.
The two outstanding dishes we had were The tonic of the three deities (abalone, scallops and sea cucumber) a seafood and herb soup which had a slightly bitter medicine like background taste - I could almost feel it doing me good, and the lobster which had a light chilli sauce which I think is not a good combination with a delicate meat. the lobster itself had a very soft carapace and a sweet flavour.
Wine: By the galss or bottle Expensive for very ordinary wines

Price: Around $100 for two

Comments: Worth a try for something a little unusual

Score: 13.5/20

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