Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ai Vechietta - Palermo

Introduction: One of the more expensive restaurants in town
Ambience: Absent! We were seated in a sort of enclosed verandah totally lacking in atmosphere

Service: I found the dinner suited waiters oppressive, somewhat impatient slightl abrupt manner. The guy who appeared to be the boss? owner was scruffily dressed with his shirt hanging out of his trousers. Looked like a mafia lieutenant

Food: Continued our dalliance with signature Sicilian dishes. Mushroom rissotto had strong taste of porchini mushrooms which are available fresh in Italy - unlike Australia, was a small serving. the rissotto is served with less of the stock boiled away so it is much soupier than in Australian restaurants. Pasta norma is another common local specialty - basically spaghetti with eggplant. The pork hock was a huge piece of bone with plenty of meat, tender and filling. The chicken breast stuffed with pine nuts and herbs was a bit dry and not particularly appealing.

Wine: A moderate list a little more expensive than most places we visited but you can still get a easonable bottle of Nero d'Avalo for about $30

Price: Around $130 for two

Comments: I did not enjoy eating at this restaurant

Score: 13/20

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