Thursday, January 19, 2006

Peony-Jade - Singapore

Introduction: An unusual Singaporean Chinese restaurant at Clarke's quay. All you can eat al a carte fixed price menu contains a selection of 58 dishes
Ambience: Large upstairs room (lift available) Well spaced tables with white linen clothes and serviettes set a pleasant tone

Service: Exceptional courteous and prompt

Food: I found some of the cold dishes not much to my taste In particular the boned chicken roll cooked in rice wine was bitter and the marinated oxtail very ordinary. The large serve of shark fin soup was full of shark fin and had a not overly strong light fish taste whilst the very salty hot cabbage and ham soup needed a microscope to find the ham, looked like dish water.

The sweet and sour prawns in batter were excellent and the sweet and sour pork in batter even better. The best dish however was the sea bass a delicate stemed whole fish, butterflied and boned. the fried rice with crab meat, prawn and egg was good. There were many more dishes available and I wish we had a table of 4 to try more of them. The serves are large and I couldn't manage more. We did have the hot redbean and lotus nut dessert as well as the mango sago - and a second serve too!
Wine: A glass of very ordinary Australian wine for $12 did nothing to improve an otherwise interesting and good quality meal

Price: Lunch is S$28 and dinner S$38 With taxes service etc add 20% or just call it A$

Comments: Next time I come to Singapore I will come back to this award winning restaurant 'tho it is not quite ;\'haute cuisine'

Score: 14/20

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