Monday, January 23, 2006

Harry's Bar - Rome

Introduction: A sophisticated restaurant popular for the last 40 years or more at the top of the Via Veneto
Ambience: Unobtrusive live music every night. There is a pervasive air of quiet elegance

Service: Uniformed multiligual waiters provide menus with no prices for the ladies! They are so so very smooth

Food: A lightly flavoured lobster bisque with a few bits of lobster tail resting in it ($50) and a modest serve of rissotto with smoked cheese ($40) for starters were nice enuf but far from special.

A beautifully prepared beefsteak in balsamic sauce served with spinach could not be better. he duck breast was a good size, not overcooked and very tasty.
Both the Gelai and the semifreddo were good without being outstanding. the small plate of petit fours was nice
Wine: We started with a couple of champagne cocktails - The famous Bellini and a Puccini (Nothing to do with opera) aty $20 followed by a ca da Bosca at $60

Price: You cannot get a dinner here for less than about $175 per person and it's easy to spend quite a bit more

Comments: Most patrons spoke English or American if you like and nearly all the men wore ties an extremely rare sight. More style than substance. I was astounded when the waiter asked for tips to be paid in cash. The Englisman at the next table gave him $80!

Score: 15/20

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