Sunday, January 22, 2006

Girrorosto Fiorontine

Introduction: This fine restaurant around the corner from the Via Venito in via Sicilia specialises in Tuscan food
Ambience: Has an air of calm quality typical of this class of establishment

Service: All that a tourist could want

Food: The antipasti looked wonderful, brought to the table on a trolley but after weeks of olives, prosciuto, cheeses I found the strength to resist

We had the chef's Tuscan specialities - a Ribolita and a bean soup, both large and tasty serves, followed by the Beefsteak Fiorentine for two. Somewhat more cooked than requested this nearly 3cm thick rib eye was carved into large chunks at an adjacent table and then served out, including the rather bare bone, on our plates. We added a side dish of roast potatoes as it came with no vegatables.
Wine: The most extensive list I have seen in Italy. Divided by region from Sicily to Piedmont we enjoyed a Colle? Tuscan Chiante Classico at the lower end of their price range at $35

Price: About average for this sort of placewe paid about $160 including wine

Comments: A good middle range restaurant

Score: 15/20

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