Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Piperno - Rome

Introduction: In a tiny square in the old Ghetto area Piperno is noted for it's seafood and in particular the chef's fine touch with the finest ingredients and the freshest of products
Ambience: Numerous senior white coated waiters, all male, move efficiently and unobtrusively in the narrow spaces between tables. Huge chiarascuro copies of renaisance paintings adorn the walls which are covered in tapestry wall paper. Despite being absolutely full everyone spoke quietly, even the children, which made for an extremely good atmosphere.

Service: Prompt but unhurried

Food: Their signature dish lightly battered Zuchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and fish is really really good. The sea food rissotto had plenty of mussels, fish, and baby octopus in a tasty red wine sauce excellent but the real treat was the sea bass cutlets. Sold by weight ($100/kg) a serve is usually two cutlets - about 300 gm. lightly fried in a white wine sauce his fine textured delicate fish was unsurpassably excellent. Piggy heaven!!
A side dish of spinach in butter sauce melted in the mouth.
Another traditional dish, tripe in red wine sauce was also beautifully prepared
Rounded off with very good home made icecream and coffee this was a great gourmet meal
This meal represented only a small part of their extensive menu
Wine: Fairly extensive list reasonably priced. The house wine a Frascati at only $3.5 /glass was remarkably cheap

Price: On the expensive side. We paid about $240 but it would be easy to have a much more expensive meal

Comments: For a really good fish specialty restaurant in Rome I would not go past Piperno although there are several considerably more expensive fish specialty places including Rozetta and Quincy and Gabriell I can no way see that they can be much better than Piperno

Score: 16.5/20

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