Monday, January 23, 2006

Porto di Ripetta - Rome

Introduction: A high quality specialty seafood restaurant. Meat dishes are available
Ambience: Discreet or you could say fairly dark. The ground level room is narrow with 500 year old bare brick arched ceiling. There is a larger original ?Roman room downstairsroom in the basement

Service: Two waiters and owner/chef Antonio Zacharia look after the 20 patrons who largely fill the ground floor area with pleasant unhurried efficiency.

A complimentary glass of Champagne on arrival was an unexpected pleasure
Food: Antonio showed considerable flexibility providing us with two seperate 5 course degustation dinners to share. The included Salmon, Red Snapper, Angler Fish, Swordfish, Turbot and Sea Bass each marinated or cooked in a variety of ways and served as an individual dish. The highlight for me was the Cuttlefish with porcini mushroom sauce. the fish soup was also excellent

Wine: A modest list with a couple of 1/2 bottles available.

Price: Including a half bottle of wine we paid $250 considered to be on the expensive side in Rome

Comments: Porto is proud to announce that they use no Garlic, no butter, cream or milk in their cooking. It certainly did not detract from the tastes of the food.

Less style than Harry's Bar but much more interesting.
Score: 16/20

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