Monday, January 23, 2006

Plachutta - Vienna

Introduction: Renowned for its classical Viennese cuisine, particularly the Tafelspitz
Ambience: This large restaurant, about 400 metres from St. Stephans cathedral on Wollzeile was packed with German speaking clients, mostly Austrian I presume. I was surprised that not only is smoking permitted but there is no smoke free area!

Service: Plenty of helpful English speaking waiters and English menu available Menu lists 1/2 a dozen boiled meat specialties accompanied by a drawing of a cow illustrating where the cuts come from. A variety of other dishes available including schnitzels, of course.

Food: Our mixed tafelspitz was from the rump, the shoulder and lean brisket forward and below the shoulder. The meat had been boiled till tender and was served , on a heated iron stand, in a tasty soup containing vegetables and accompanied by a seperate pot of roast potatoes.

One has the soup first after which the meat is served. There are two sauce boats one filled with a cream chive sauce the other with an apple horseradish sauce which went well together
Desserts looked good but this is not the place to go for anything exquisite
Wine: Both the red ($8) and the white ($6) house wines were just OK

Price: Mains up to $40. Anything extra costs eg suppeneinllage, some sort of pastry that goes in the soup, was $3 and a kugel $2.50 In the end we paid $130 for dinner

Comments: This is a Viennese experience not to be missed. There are less upmarket places to go.

Score: 14/20

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