Sunday, February 05, 2006

Da Cuba

Introduction: On the corner of Broadway and Glenhuntly Road Elwood this is a popular eatery with the locals
Ambience: Very open space with small bare tables and somewhat uncomfortable chairs spreading out to the footpath. Simple and fresh.

Service: Pleasant young staff

Food: The spaghetti marinara, served with a light red sauce with a touch of chilli was excellent, plenty of prawns, scallops, mussels and salmon. At our request they also made a marinara in a white sauce with out chilli which was exceptionally good. The warm beef salad, a special that day, had heaps of spinach, fried noodles, and a slightly sweet sauce flavoured with fennel and plenty of meat. The chicken salad served with spinach and cashew nuts was also a satisfying substantial serve
Wine: the $5 Hardys Cab. Sav was almost undrinkable. I should have had a look at the bottle and asked how long it had been open!

Price: Mains $15 -23

Comments: Healthy serves of healthy food at this summery restaurant. G
ood place to go if you are in the area
Score: 13/20

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