Sunday, February 05, 2006


Introduction: Highly favoured by several of my Chinese colleagues
Ambience: Past the two tanks crowded with lobsters and fish the very lrge room is equally crowded with diners and very noisy White table cloths and serviettes suggested a bit more upmarket establishment

Service: Courteous and attentive to our requests. Slightly marred by the failure to produce steamed rice without several requests and then removing the container so we had to ask for its return when we wanted a top up

Food: In brief The mushroom with duck and powdered scallop soup was quite ordinary as was the steamed duck with taro. The roast duck, served at our request with poku veg and snowpeas in oyster sauce, was about as good as it could be extremely juicy and succulent. The best dish was the sweet and sour battered prawns in which the balance between the sweet and acid and the consistancy of the sauce could not be bettered The Scallops with chinese vegetables and whole macadamia nuts was disappointingly bland. Neither the almond float nor the mango desserts were available and the ? manager offered us a plate of fresh fruit gratis which we were glad to accept

Wine: BYO is best

Price: around $30 a head gets a pretty reasonable meal

Comments: A reasonable restaurant but lacking any real distinction. I will still try their yum cha.
Oops tried to book for a yum cha - they don't have one!!
Score:13.5 /20

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