Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Three Little Pigs (Mildura) 04/2017

This restaurant is attached to the Mercure Hotel. It has street side dining, a substantial rectangular bar 
creating a large U shaped room for diners. Until you sit down tables are white clothed and covered with paper but otherwise bare

until patrons are seated. The venue is hardly decorated at all with a couple of pictures of pigs 
and an odd scene above the bar

Service, provided by a couple of attractive young girls, is quite efficient.
The place is very much meat oriented with some pasta and pizza dishes available.
I tried an entree of a pot of New Zealand green lip mussels drenched in white wine.($18)
They were served with a herb buttered brioche bun and a small salad of carrot and rocket. No problem with opening these mussels, it had all been done for me. This is an odd combination of ingredients which did not match well. The mussels, however, were excellent. the wine was not obvious until I got close to the bottom of the pot so 'drenched in white wine' was a bit of poetic licence.
I also had one of my favourite dishes there - Schweinhaxen ($35) served in the traditional style with sauerkraut and mash. 

It came with some condiments.
Cracked pepper, a herb salt and chili.
I had a bowl of seasonal vegetables too 
Which were excellent. 
The crackling was plentiful and very crisp, perhaps cooked for a little too long the meat was a little dry and not as fatty as i would have expected. This is a huge serve and I was grateful that they are happy for customers to take the uneaten portion home. It easily made two meals.
Their speciality is pork three ways( in a bun,as a slider, pulled pork and pork rib) but for those averse to pork lamb can be substituted.
Six mussels seem a bit over priced but the Schweinhaxen was more than reasonably priced.
Comments: A casual pub style restaurant serving breakfast and dinner.
Score: 13.25/20

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