Monday, April 24, 2017

Jackies Corner (Mildura) 04/2017

This small, alcohol free, shop front eat in/takeaway Chinese diner is well placed at the start of the main restaurant area in town. They offer a basic menu of Cantonese style dishes, 
which is displayed on their window and in the the restaurant in the style of McDonald's Hungry Jacks and the other fast food outlets.
The kitchen, where chef, assistant, kitchen hand and the person taking orders, presumably Jackie, is open to view.
They have a small very plain area for eat in patrons with four tables and bench seating.
I tried a couple of take away dishes. They were exactly what you would have expected from any suburban Chinese restaurant 40 years ago. The prices are quite high for what you get - $12 upwards for dishes with rice and around $17 for dishes without rice.
Comments: Dull food
Score:13 /20

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