Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Bistro (Mildura) 03/2017

Separated from The Spanish Grill by a central bar 

this softly lit, dark carpeted room
offers patrons a pleasant environment for a meal.They also have street side tables. Window seats look out on these next to Virginia creepers hanging down from the roof.
Walls are decorated with amateurish paintings.

Wooden tables have a paper cover. The menu is uncomplicated. I would have had the linguini with yabbies until I heard their special - slow cooked tripe.
It came on a bed of mashed potato with a well seasoned tomato based sauce with onion and carrot,

This was a very good dish but the tripe had been cut into long, some over 10 cm, thin strips. I would have much preferred it shorter and wider to better enjoy it's texture.
A glass of Pete's Pure Pinot Grigio was an excellent match for this dish.
The dessert menu 
was uninspiring and I gave it a miss.
Service was friendly

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