Friday, January 16, 2009

The Pantry (Lititz) 09

Having a recommendation for the pork and sauerkraut at this restaurant around the corner from the not very square Town Square on Route 501 I was quite surprised. It reminded me of the remark by Benjamin Johnson when his wife caught him with their maid in the pantry and and said "I am surprised" No he said "You are amazed, I'm surprised!" Regrettably the main feature of the food was the size of the dishes. Before the first course there was we were presented with a loaf of fuit bread and two little buckets of butter. A cup of French onion soup was presented as pictured.

Unusual but very nice. An appetizer of breaded calamari was so thick with
batter that that was the dominating taste.

The pork was shredded and smoked - a real farmers meal but very coarse and heavy.

The service was amiably incompetent - I picked up my trout from the counter because our waitress was engaged in a lengthy conversation at another table. (I was unaware at the time that the waitress had actually brought it to he table 0nly a minute after she had brought the appetizers which left insufficient room on the table for all the dishes),It was a fillet and had no resemblance to what I have come to believe trout tastes like. The theme of the decor seemed to be all to do with chooks or chickens as some readers may know them. 'No fowl moods' and odd depiction

s of our feathered friends. I may add a few pic's later but they do little to improve anything about the place.
Well I was surprised
Score: Perhaps we'll skip that

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