Monday, January 19, 2009

Beijing Szechewan (Lititz) 09

Feeling peckish after a midday movie (Gran Torino, I loved it) we stopped by, with no great expectations, next door to the Giant supermarket on higway 501. Set with knife and fork our waiter was surprised when we asked for chop sticks. "Do you know how to use them?" he asked and when I said "Are you kidding?" he said show me - pick that up which I promptly did.We took a stab in the dark with the Pu Pu Combination appetizer for two.

At $9.50 it was not only a bargain, pricewise, it was very acceptable in every other way. Made up of two pieces of crumbed chicken wings, spring rolls, spare ribs, beef and rather heavily breaded prawns prawns served on a platter around a small flaming brassier. Attractive to look at and good to eat. We followed this with a combination seafood platter ($13.50).

This was presented in a crunchy thin pastry shell shaped basket and had lots of scallops, prawns, some lobster and lots of lightly cooked vegetables - broccoli, snow peas, cellery and bamboo shoots. The whole lot was on abed of lettuce with a strip of turnip beautifully reshaped to a display complex flower. Added to this was a complimentary soup, won ton or hot and sour. I guess theyre not very good at making won ton pastry herem but it was a tasty soup,

half eaten in this picture. Before the check we were presented with a small plate of pineapple pieces.
A very decent meal that also tasted and looked good. Score: 14/20

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