Sunday, January 25, 2009

Busters (New Orleans) 09

At the behest of friends, having arrived tired from Philadelphia, we had a casual soul food experience at Busters which was formerly The Garlic Clove.

At 2135 next door to Igor's an all night bar on St. Charles Ave (featuring a small library and a laundramat). Busters is a completely unpretentios restaurant. It occupies a long room with a bar at the front and a dining space at the rear. There are several paintings which capture New Orleans

by well known local artist balladeer and musician Tony Green. After several Hurricanes, a local cocktail and a Louisianna mild ale (Abita) we were ready to eat. Ruby, the chef is a home trained Southern style cook and I imagine the sort of food we ate would be popular on any southern workers dining table. It can be made more or less spicy as requested. We went to town, as it were, and ordered almost everything. Boudin sausages,

spicy alligator, sausages, crumbed crawfish, excellent breaded chicken, breaded oysters, pork ribs

and a green vegetable- mustard green which tastes a little like sorrel

Price: About $15 buys a good meal
Comment: Very New Orleans
Score: 13/20

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