Friday, January 23, 2009

Campo's (Philadelphia) 09

Something of a landmark with the locals, presided over by Michel and Denise Campo, this small cafe restaurant, between Second and Third St on Market in Old Town has earned its' reputation for Philadelphia cheese steak.

This local specialty is thin cut fine steak, lightly cooked and served with cheese, and a variety of extra's like fried onions mushrooms, peppers
all in a nine inch roll cut in half for convenience. ($8.50 for the Whopper) I havent tried the competition, of which there is plenty, but a local trolley operator advised me that the more touristy Joes and Genos are production line, have to pre cook their meat and are resting on their laurels - not as good as they used to be! Campo's makes up for its' almost non existant decor

with great friendly spirit

- the locals know and if your're short of cash you don't have to do the dishes!

Score: 13.25/20

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